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    1. 新聞中心


      • Jiaozuo Mengxin Special Steel Co.,LTD
      • Tel:0391-6936009 13838940539
      • Fax:0391-6936009
      • Linkman:Mr Song
      • Mobile:13838940539
      • Zip:454750
      • E-mail:jzmxtg@126.com
      •     sales@mxssc.com
      • Address:Mengzhou city,Henan Province,China

      Jiaozuo Mengxin Special Steel Co.,LTD was found in July 2007. Our company is an manufacturer specialized in machining, manufacturing and steel melting, forging, heat treatment which is one of the well knowing and leading private professional companies which is located in Mengzhou city, Henan province. The company has the rights of self-managed import and export business.The main dominant products of the company are including:●(API7)AISI 4145 Drill Stabilizer ●Drill Collar●Drill Pipe●Various Forged Roller and Forged Bar●(API 6A)AISI 4130 410SS 17-4 PH Casing Head .Tubing Head●Shaft .Crank Shaft●Cylinder●Die steel The company adheres to the tenet of “Quality First Credit First and Customer First” We enhance ......more>>

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